Eyelash extension

What are eyelash extensions?

  • Eyelash extensions are synthetic mink/silk strands of hair placed individually into natural eyelashes using a special bonding agent. They are applied 1 millimeter away from your skin thus avoiding contact with your skin.

Why get eyelash extensions?

  • Eyelash extensions enhance the look of your natural lashes. It makes them sexier,thicker, fuller while skipping your mascara and lash curling routine. You will wake up looking fabulous, bright and ready to conquer the day. Eyelash extensions appeal to models, celebrities and professional businesswomen. It’s truly a product for every women of all ages. Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions or even just for everyday life.

What are the lash styles?

  • Each lash comes in a variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses and colors. Each set is applied with perfection, which results in stunning results. We work every set of lashes to perfection and the results are truly amazing! We promise that you will love your new lashes.

  • At Miss Lash, we consult with each and every client to design and recommend the type of eyelash extension that suits our customers the most . Our eyelash extension designs range from the most natural to the most dramatic looks, which can compliment each individual‘s overall image and enhance their facial features, skin tones or even hair colors.  Our aestheticians individualize the shape, material, growth pattern, and curl of the eyelash extension to your specific needs.  Our specialists cater to your individual requirements. You will see and feel the difference.

Natural Eyes

  • Shorter extensions are applied towards the inner most area of the eyes and a combination of long and short extensions are applied throughout the middle and outer sections of the eyes to enhance the lashes with a more natural, elegant look.

Round Eyes

  • Outer areas of the eyes are highlighted to give the illusion of a bigger eye.

Semi Cat Eyes

  • Shorter extensions are applied towards the inner most area of the eyes and the outer most area are the eyes are elongated with longer lashes for a dramatic, sexy look.

Cat Eyes

  • Shorter extensions are applied overall with an emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes for a deep set, attractive look.

J Curl

  • This classic type of curl offers the ‘natural’ look that adds additional definition and thickness. J-Curl is the most popular type of curl and has a nice soft curve that compliments any natural lash. It is recommended for clients who want elegant and gorgeous looks from the side of the face

C Curl

  • C-Curl is the firmest/sturdiest type of curl. It adds visually compelling volume on your eyelashes. The C-Curl will transform your natural eyelashes into the way our clients wear mascara. Unlike the J curve, clients will be able to see dramatic effects from the front face. C-Curls are highly recommended for those who have straight eyelashes.

CC Curl

  • CC-Curl is curler than C-Curl with curl starting at the middle of the extension. It is recommended for clients who want dramatic looks.

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